My Biography

Ayhan Gormez started his music production in the early '90s, when he was very much inspired by electronic music created on a computer. It all started on an Amiga, where there was a possibility of 4 mono tracks and limited sample quality.

As the years went by, the music from being fun and find some trouble to be a lot more seriously. After some years of silence in the final 90 - he invested in music equipment to improve the quality of the music. At the same time there has also been a major development in software for music production.

In 2002 the band was gormez affiliated - which back then was a great pleasure to report and write comments about each other's productions. It was a great process and meant that there was an exchange techniques, ideas for new genres and sounds and so forth. This resulted in gormez first album release "Dream Life" (2003) - where the idea was to provide an electronic album. Album can be downloaded with its interactive web-based menu system.

In 2004 appeared "Electronica" - an album with many musical levels - a result of an evolutionary process, where he tried his hand at various genres. This was released in CD and virtual album.

In 2005 appeared "Bending the Clockwork Universe" (CD and virtual album). Probably the best yet from his hand, which was then peppered with many extra tracks in 2007 in a special edition can be purchased today at

In 2010 appeared the fourth album in the series - Cultural Divide. Read more here. The essens off this album was to define a hybrid between 2 cultures music.

In 2012 released a new album “Reloaded”. This album represent the feeling of letting go and be able to take chances in life. The music is mostly in the genre Energy trance. Also in 2012 he works on a compilation album with all time chill out and ambient tracks from 2004 - 2012 - All remastered.

Ayhan Gormez today produces music, record videos and is an active creative person working from idea to action.

Member of Danish KODA

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