Quiet Moments
Compilation Album released 02.06.2012

Since the mid '90s, I have composed in many different genres. My albums to date consists of a mix of many genres. It is the first time I publish a compilation album focusing on only one particular area - namely, ambient, chill out.

My album "Bending the Clockwork Universe" is used among professional people who work with stress, meditation, message, etc.. Therefore, it has been my intention for some time that digital remaster all 15 songs on this album and release a compilation album.

This album creates a perfect quiet and at the same time a rhythmic atmosphere where time for reflection and contemplation of mind can take place.

All songs come from my 4 albums where I have chosen the more sedate out and gathered them under this new album called "Quiet Moments"

Enjoy the delicious piano progressions, crisp beats and the seductive flow of each song.

Enjoy :-) 

Best Regards
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